SEAT’s new flagship model

The New Tarraco: the right SUV to complete SEAT’s biggest product offensive

21 November 2018

Exterior Design

Bigger dimensions inspired the design team to find a greater balance between aesthetic integrity and purposeful proportions. And even though the Tarraco SUV is 4,735mm long, 1,839mm wide and 1,658mm tall, creating a huge interior space and an imposing exterior, the overall design implies a lightness and agility as well as a robustness and practicality.

At the front a more prominent grille design, gives an increased presence and more characterful look, and while the sharp full LED headlights retain the company’s triangular signature they are set further into the body, giving a more focused appearance, and a greater sense of purpose to the vehicle.

Lighting technology is an important aspect of the Tarraco’s design, to this end the SUV uses 100% LED technology throughout the exterior and interior as standard on both the Xcellence and Style trims. The technology has given designers greater creative freedom to highlight and extenuate the SUV’s design, while at the same time, customers benefit from cleaner, crisper lighting.

From behind the driver’s seat, looking out over the front of the car, its size is subtle and the design team has worked hard to make the Tarraco appear smaller and less intimidating, with intelligent use of shapes and lines in the bonnet.

“The New Tarraco gives a strong impression when you see it for the first time because of its excellent proportions and elegant, yet sporty design. It delivers a feeling of proudness thanks to its assertive front end, a front end that gives you a hint to what future SEAT’s will look like,” said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, Director of Design at SEAT. “And, as we do in every vehicle we develop, we put a huge amount of our love and passion into the Tarraco’s detailing, following our philosophy: If it looks right, it is right.”

Aesthetics may be of huge importance, but an SUV also has to be a practical, functional vehicle, which is why the emphasis at the rear of the Tarraco has been placed on a low loading area, with a lighting concept to express the width and practicality of the SUV.

The LED lighting also allows for dynamic rear indicators, another technology that highlights the continual mix of form and function in the Tarraco.

No matter which colour the customer choses from the abundance of options – Dark Camouflage, Oryx White, Reflex Silver, Atlantic Blue, Indium Grey, Titanium Beige, Deep Black and Urano Grey – the shape, stature and presence of the SEAT Tarraco remains evident. And that balance is maintained across both available trim levels, whether customers chose Style or Xcellence.

Interior Design

Inside, designers have worked hard to create an interior that cocoons occupants, using a horizontal line that spans the dashboard and emphasises the width of the Tarraco, increasing the feeling of space in the cabin while at the same time inspiring confidence.

And whether customers chose a traditional five seat layout or elect for the optional seven seat configuration, the interior offers the form, functionality and quality that is a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.

The SUV’s interior design exudes a level of quality normally found in the premium sector, mixing different materials to evoke a feeling of confidence no matter which trim level is chosen and which specification is selected.

Perfectly sculpted, the cabin balances the differing needs of the driver and passengers; providing a driver-focused, ergonomically designed seating position when behind the steering wheel and a relaxed, comfortable environment for passengers whether sat at the front of the SUV or in the second row, thanks to the generous internal proportions for both leg and head room. Even at the very rear of the vehicle there is sufficient space for the third row passengers.

“It’s important that people feel comfortable and the sentiment of having a lot of space, and the Tarraco’s interior is generous, there’s a great deal of head room and the leg room we have achieved is fantastic,” said Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos.

The precision applied is tangible, most notably in the design and positioning of the infotainment system and SEAT’s Digital Cockpit with an 10,25” screen. The central 8” infotainment display floats, rather than being integrated into the dashboard, not only helping to minimise intrusion into the cabin, but also allowing designers to place it in a more ergonomic and prominent position, closer to the driver’s eye line, making reading information from it or the cluster simpler and safer.

The interior’s design is perfectly supplemented with high quality workmanship and carefully selected materials and colours – a choice of textile, Alcantara® or an optional black leather seats, and an elegant, sporty black interior roof – with tactile precision of the switches and controls demonstrating the utmost attention to detail. The interior’s design is also complimented by the frameless rear view mirror, optional heated front and rear seats and electric driver seat with memory function.