SEAT Tarraco FR

Safety and convenience

Martorell, 15 June 2020

Performance isn’t simply a concept attributed to the speed of a vehicle; today’s cars also need to offer performance in safety – an area the SEAT Tarraco FR excels in. The brand’s largest SUV integrates a range of new advanced driver assistance systems and convenience features that allow it to remain secure, stable and comfortable no matter how demanding the driving environment.

Systems including Pre-Crash Assist, Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)*, Travel Assist, Emergency Assist and Side and Exit Assist, work together to protect the vehicle and its occupants.

Additional systems such as Lane Assist and Front Assist – which includes bicycle and pedestrian detection – are standard and can be supplemented with technologies including Blind Spot Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition and Traffic Jam Assist.

Pre-Crash Assist is a system designed to prepare the vehicle and occupants should the worst happen and there’s a potential collision. The onboard systems work together; front seatbelts are pretensioned, windows and sunroofs are closed, and warning lights are activated in order to mitigate the consequences of an accident.

Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)* can position the large SUV using GPS data delivered from the navigation system, allowing it to correct its speed depending on the road layout ahead – bends, roundabouts, junctions, speed limits and built-up areas. And using input from the front mounted camera and traffic sign recognition, it can adjust vehicle speed when limits change.

The semi-automatic driving functionality continues with the introduction of the Travel Assist technology. By simply pressing one button on the steering wheel, the advanced system uses information from the ACC and Lane Assist to actively keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and adjust speed to the flow of the traffic – providing assisted driving at speeds of up to 210km/h.

To maintain safety and to meet legal requirements the driver must maintain constant monitoring of the system and their surroundings, keeping at least one hand on the steering wheel. If the vehicle detects that the driver has left the steering for some seconds, they will receive audible and visual warnings, and a braking jolt can be given. If the driver continues to fail to respond the Emergency Assist system can bring the Tarraco to a complete stop.

An added dimension to the new SEAT Tarraco is the Exit Assist. When parking out, the vehicle will give an audible and visual warning if traffic is coming – this can be other vehicles if on the roadside, or cyclists if on the kerb side – and if necessary, initiating automatic braking.

The SEAT Tarraco will also feature Side Assist which can detect vehicles up to 70m, with indications through a led in the exterior mirror.

Rollover Assist works as an extension of this system, and in case of an accident, the car makes an emergency call, switches off the engine, unlocks the doors, turns on the hazard lights and changes the ventilation, among other functions. 

The SEAT Tarraco FR also adds a range of features that make life simpler. For those who like to tow, Trailer Assist supports the driver when reversing or parking with a trailer, the reversing camera image is used to help guide the vehicle and trailer to the exact position needed.

It’s simple to use; the driver need only select reverse gear, press the parking aid button and use the mirror adjustment switch to set the direction you wish the trailer to be steered, then simply take control of acceleration, braking and gear changes in manual vehicles, and the system will do the rest.

Add to this the Parking Heater system that allows you to warm the engine and vehicle faster in extremely cold weather, Kessy (keyless entry) and practicality is guaranteed.

Finally, one of the key comfort features in the interior of the car is the 3-zone automatic air conditioner “Climatronic”, offering new levels of comfort for the passengers, whether seated in the front or in the rear of the car.


* Predictive ACC will be available in November 2020.