SEAT Tarraco FR

Exterior and interior design

Martorell, 14 September 2020

The design approach builds on the foundation set by the Tarraco from launch. With its bigger dimensions, the design team was inspired to bring balance between the vehicle’s greater proportions – the SEAT Tarraco is the largest SUV of the range - 4,728mm long, 1,839mm wide and 1,658mm tall – and a need to focus its aesthetic character. But with the introduction of the FR model the need to project lightness and agility grew even further.

A range of exterior enhancements help to add a unique presence to the SEAT Tarraco FR. The FR-specific grille includes the FR logo announcing the vehicle’s change of character, while wider, black wheel arching mouldings, black roof rails and window frames with side mirrors painted in Cosmo Grey enhance the changes.

At the rear of the Tarraco a new sporty spoiler, coast-to-coast lighting, an exclusive rear diffusor, the FR logo on the boot and the Tarraco’s name embossed in handwritten to add to the vehicle’s allure.

The exterior look is completed with the inclusion of 19” FR machined alloy wheels with a matt black finish. These can be substituted with the optional 20” FR alloy wheels in machined Cosmo Grey.

The Tarraco FR trim look is enriched by the colour palette available: Oryx White, Merlot Red, Dolphin Grey, Urano Grey, Dark Camouflage and Deep Black all help to highlight the contours in the body, emphasise the vehicle’s s character and reflect its position in the line-up.

The strong interior design remains, the feeling of space, safety and a level of high quality, but these attributes have all been built on and improved.

When you step inside the SEAT Tarraco FR you are welcomed by a different ambience compared to other vehicles in the line-up. After taking your place in the driver’s electric Bucket Seat with memory function, you see the leather sports steering wheel that bears the FR logo, leather gear selector and aluminium pedals at your feet, which together help add energy to the vehicle’s feel.

A choice of materials, colours and stitching make add a further differentiation to other vehicle’s in the Tarraco line-up and bring together the character of the FR model.

The SEAT Tarraco also benefits from a new touch module (standard in all trims) for all climate control functions (including functions such as seat heater). In addition to touch buttons, illuminated touch sliders are used for fan and temperature control.

SEAT’s advanced Digital Cockpit provides the final element to the cabin’s dedicated focus on the driver providing all the information and data needed, and which can be configured to suit the driver, or the type of journey being undertaken. The technology streamlines the delivery of information and is augmented by the latest generation of infotainment system, bringing in a new dimension to what functionality can be brought into the cabin, and adding to the digital outlook.

Digitalisation and Connectivity

While the interior space is sculpted to heighten comfort and driver focus, greater emphasis has also been placed on providing a greater digital experience and the ability to connect to online world. The SEAT Tarraco FR integrates the latest generation infotainment system including a new navigation system with a larger 9.2’’ screen, optimising driver feedback and passenger connectivity.

The larger Connect System with its clearer display provides a more intuitive user experience, not just because of the layout of the system’s controls but also because it adds natural voice control to simplify user interaction.

Voice recognition is one of the easiest and most natural ways to interact with devices, especially as we have become increasingly used to home assistants from the consumer electronics world.

Voice recognition allows the user to interact with the infotainment system using natural commands, woken with the simple phrase “Hola Hola”, users can make corrections and reference previous commands. So, whether you need to find navigation information or search for music, it is quicker and easier.

The Full Link system enables access to users’ digital lives no matter what device they have; Android Auto or Apple CarPlay (using a wireless connection based on Bluetooth or WLAN). The technology allows users to connect their mobile devices to the vehicle’s infotainment system, bringing their digital eco-system into the vehicle.

So, whether you need access to your contact list, music or mapping, they are all available, accessed in a controlled, intuitive, safe manner that doesn’t distract from the road, using either the infotainment system or the integrated steering wheel controls.

And thanks to the Online Connectivity Unit with an embedded SIM, this means that you’ll never lose your connection to the digital world. In future developments, the system will allow users to access the latest apps which can be updated at any time as the eco-system expands, meaning the number of in-car and online services will grow through the life of the vehicle.

The embedded eSIM allows certain infotainment functions to use real time information adding a new dimension to functionality with online traffic information, parking and petrol station position and the opening times and current prices.

The built-in eSIM also adds an additional safety layer, making the eCall service available, which directly contacts emergency services should an incident occur, adding yet another level of safety to the vehicle. It’s not only the possibility to make an emergency call (manual or automatic) but also that important data from the vehicle will be sent to the emergency services such as car position, engine type, vehicle exterior colour or number of passengers, making it easier for them to assist.

But it isn’t only about what’s in your vehicle, the SEAT Connect app that can be downloaded to smart devices, opens a new world of possibilities, giving remote control over a plethora of functions that will help maximise the driver enjoyment and help improve safety too.

Users can access vehicle’s data including driving data, parking position, vehicle’s status, including doors and lights, set up speed alerts so you can be warned if someone using your vehicles is driving too quickly, area and anti-theft alerts, open and close the doors with the remote lock and unlock service, or can remotely activate the horn and turn signals to find the car more easily.