Uniqueness, Sophistication and Performance

CUPRA, a special brand

Martorell, 22 February 2018

  • CUPRA becomes an independent brand of SEAT
  • CUPRA Formula: Uniqueness, Sophistication and Performance
  • The CUPRA Ateca will be the first vehicle of the new brand to be launched on the market
  • CUPRA TCR made its debut as the first Motorsport touring car of the new brand

SEAT is one of the fastest growing brands in Europe and is currently well placed for the launch of CUPRA. In addition, CUPRA will also encompass the entire motorsport and racing division, an area that until now was the responsibility of SEAT Sport and which will be directly integrated into the new brand.

The CUPRA logo, which was revealed a few weeks ago, is inspired by the attitude of tribal civilisations and reflects the values that the new brand is keen to transmit – passion, precision, determination and courage.

SEAT Vice-president for Sales and Marketing Wayne Griffiths highlighted that “Our ambition for the CUPRA brand is to double the sales within the next 4-5 years, focusing our business model on four main pillars: distribution, partnerships, racing and product.”

Strong Partnerships

In order to transmit its commitment to craft, passion, high-quality and individualization, CUPRA has partnered with small studios/workshops that will develop crafted, exclusive and limited edition products like L.G.R., TRAKATAN and FABIKE among others.

CUPRA is also collaborating with DAINESE, NINCO and other brands to support and share its passion for racing, technology and innovation.