Chassis: Unparalleled handling

Martorell, 06 October 2020

As with any CUPRA, it is the relationship between the powertrain and chassis that gives it the distinctive dynamic performance expected by customers. The new CUPRA Leon continues the brand’s ethos of tuning the chassis and steering to offer the most precise, involved and distinctive ride possible, no matter what powers it.

The building blocks of the CUPRA Leon is the MQB Evo architecture, a system that allows engineers to easily integrate a variety of technologies to offer the most dynamic, involving, uncompromised ride possible.

The CUPRA Leon brings a progressive steering system, giving the vehicle maximum agility even on the most challenging of tarmac, and connecting the driver with optimised feedback through the steering wheel. The CUPRA Leon can react to changes in driving style and the road thanks to its Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) system making changes to the setup in milliseconds to exploit the conditions and make for a genuinely engaging drive.

The CUPRA Leon’s dynamics can be changed to suit the tastes of whoever is in control through the different driver profiles: Comfort, Sport, CUPRA and Individual. These profiles change the vehicle’s character, from daily drive to performance-focused hot hatch, giving the new CUPRA Leon a breadth of abilities seen in few other vehicles in the segment. And shifting between profiles is now even simpler with the DCC slider control, meaning you can select precisely the setup you want (up to 15 steps), in Individual mode.

And while the DCC system gives the driver direct control over vehicle feel, the technology is greatly assisted by the CUPRA Leon’s base chassis technologies; the front MacPherson struts and rear multilink setup, with springs and dampers tuned specifically to balance the competing needs of comfort for daily driving and the response in more energetic scenarios.

It isn’t only the reassurance from the chassis that brings to the all-new CUPRA Leon such an involving drive, the inclusion Brembo brakes means that dynamics are as intuitive when entering a corner as when exiting. 18’’ Brembo brakes are bigger than the standard ones (370x32mm) and are perforated with four pistons, offering higher braking capacity (not available for the plug-in hybrid).

Improvements to the all-new CUPRA Leon’s dimensions have added to its dynamic abilities.

In its 5-door version, the CUPRA Leon e-Hybrid is 4,398mm long (+116mm), 1,799 wide (-17mm) and 1,467mm high (+8mm).

In its Sportstourer version, the new CUPRA Leon e-Hybrid is 4,657mm long (+108mm), 1,799mm wide (-17mm) and 1,463mm high (+18mm).

The wheelbase of both 5-door and Sportstourer versions wheelbase stands at 2,681mm, which is 45mm more than the previous generation, offering more room for the rear passengers.

In the most powerful Sportstourer variant, the performance is controlled by the 4Drive all-wheel drive system. The latest generation of the electro-hydraulic multi-disc traction system delivers power to the wheels in a controlled manner helping to maximise traction and performance.

The 4Drive traction system analyses road conditions in real time, including the speed of the car, the speed of each wheel, the steering wheel position, and the driving style or mode to quickly and progressively deliver power instantly to the necessary wheels. Torque can even be controlled between wheels on either side of the vehicle thanks to the EDS electronic aid which locks the slipping wheel relative to the opposite side, meaning no transversal torque is lost.

The system is integrated into the rear axle and sits at the end of the drive shaft in front of the rear differential, improving weight distribution and reducing inertia and reaction time, meaning the new CUPRA Leon can react to scenarios with even more assurance.

The CUPRA Leon is equipped with an electrical brake booster which provides a faster response than a conventional system, the possibility to recover the braking energy through the blending function (specific for the plug-in hybrid version of CUPRA Leon) and a better active security due to the duplicity systems (ESC and electrical brake booster). The electrical Brake Booster has been specifically adapted for the high powered CUPRA models.

Last but not least, front-wheel drive petrol versions are equipped with a front differential lock (VAQ), offering even more traction (CUPRA Leon 5-door and Sportstourer equipped with 2.0 TSI 245PS & CUPRA Leon 2.0 TSI 300PS).

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