CUPRA Formentor


Martorell, 02 March 2020

Powertrains: Performance for the future

The CUPRA Formentor will be launched with two high performance powertrains ready to provide the most unique driving experience.

At the top of the range will be a 2.0 l TSI Turbocharged petrol unit with a total output of 310PS (228kW) and 400Nm of torque that offers the ultimate expression of the CUPRA brand’s DNA, with an emotive sound that adds to the allure of the vehicle. This engine will be linked to the 4Drive technology that constantly tracks the vehicle and driver inputs to deliver power to the correct wheel at the precise time it needs it.

The CUPRA Formentor, however, looks to the future revving up the shift to electrification by integrating high-performance plug-in hybrid technology. The 1.4-litre TSI 150PS (110kW) petrol engine, combined with the 115 PS (85kW) electric motor with 13kWh lithium-ion battery pack allows the CUPRA Formentor to the reach the performance that customers expect, but more in tune with a world focused on minimising our impact on the environment. In fact, this powertrain supplies a total output of 245PS (180kW) of peak power and 400Nm of torque and with and electric only range of around 50km.

Both powertrain combinations benefit from a DSG dual-clutch transmission, that helps make gear changes sharper and smoother. The shift-by-wire technology is designed so that the gear selector is not connected to the gearbox mechanically, instead using electronic signals to make shifts. The technology adds a greater level of efficiency, but also adds a new dimension to the art, pleasure and enjoyment of driving. And when drivers want an even more interactive experience steering wheel mounted shift paddles bring the connection between vehicle and driver even closer.

And with an advanced intelligent DCC chassis setup and progressive steering, no matter which powertrain customers chose, the vehicle performs majestically no matter what the driving conditions or driving style: with the DCC slider control, the driver can select precisely the setup he wants, especially in Individual mode. All these features are core elements of dynamism, emotionality and performance that will all be evident.

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