CUPRA Formentor

Interior design

Martorell, 06 October 2020

The CUPRA Formentor’s expressive exterior design is matched by its high-quality interior. The vehicle’s cabin provides a sense of modernity and sportiness with a unique take on the feel of the CUPRA brand.

As the driver unlocks the vehicle, the CUPRA Formentor greets the driver and passenger with a welcome ceremony, projecting the CUPRA logo onto the ground. And as the occupants enter the CUPRA Formentor, the doorstep is illuminated with the CUPRA lettering. Once inside, occupants are cocooned by high-quality materials, with brushed dark aluminium and copper accents making the cabin feel modern and contemporary.

The cabin instantly communicates the character of the car, with a sophisticated, sporty design. The sports bucket seats, available in both Petrol Blue and Black leather, are mounted low in the cabin to maximise space and are designed to allow for a more ergonomic seating position, giving a sense of the dynamic performance before a wheel has even turned.

As the driver takes hold of the new CUPRA steering wheel, another indicator of the spirit of the CUPRA Formentor, housing the engine start and CUPRA mode select button, they will instantly understand they are taking control of a different type of vehicle. And the inclusion of a “ESP off” button in the middle console reinforces even more this spirit.

The CUPRA steering wheel, a nod to the Racing bloodline, will make drivers feel more connected to the vehicle, with its tactile, solid feel. Larger shift paddles make changing gear simpler and more natural, and the multifunction buttons add to the hi-tech feel.

The CUPRA button gives access to the different drive modes: a short press scrolls through Comfort, Sport, CUPRA and individual, while long press takes you directly to CUPRA mode.

The high-performance crossover coupe mixes the traditional with the digital, augmenting the tactility and feedback of the steering wheel with the modernity of the customisable Digital Cockpit. Developed specifically for CUPRA models, a sporty view is also available, offering more focused display that allows the driver to see the speed and revs more clearly.

In the interior, the leather dashboard with copper stitching appears to float, an impression created by the horizontal full-LED wraparound ambient lighting which runs the width of the dashboard and in both front doors. This light is not only an aesthetic feature, but also provides safety functions too linked to the onboard driver’s assistant systems; flashing orange when Exit Assist is activated or red when the door is open for instance.

The centrepiece of the interior is the 12” infotainment touchscreen which provides the functionality and connectivity to all occupants and reduces button count. The simplicity and elegance of the interior is achieved in part thanks to the inclusion of the shift-by-wire DSG transmission technology, which helps declutter the interior, creating greater space.

Finally, the CUPRA Formentor can also be configured with BeatsAudio sound system, including 10 premium loudspeakers with a 340W power amplifier, and a 10l bass box located in the boot.

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