Introducing the new Chispa lamp

CUPRA and Marset begin their collaboration from Barcelona

Barcelona, 12 June 2020

  • From the co-creation project, the two brands present Chispa by Marset for CUPRA, a design lamp that is portable, rechargeable and cordless, which will be launched in October
  • Designers from both brands have worked together to combine lighting design concepts of the automotive and interior design worlds
  • Marset will be the first brand to which CASA SEAT offers the possibility of showcasing its creations to the world in an exclusive temporary space in the heart of Barcelona

CUPRA continues to expand its presence beyond the world of cars by partnering with Marset, the 2015 National Design Award winning lighting company from Barcelona. As a common space for designers from Barcelona to showcase their creations to the citizens and visitors from all over the world, Marset is the first partner with an exclusive temporary space in CASA SEAT.

With this partnership, CUPRA is strengthening its lifestyle presence alongside another Barcelona-based brand with which it shares a global orientation and with contemporary design as a foundation. Following the presentation of a prototype at the inauguration of the CUPRA Garage last February, the design teams at CUPRA and Marset continued to work together on the final version of Chispa by Marset for CUPRA, a portable, rechargeable, cordless lamp designed exclusively with the brand’s corporate identity, which will be market launched next October.

“This co-creation project demonstrates CUPRA’s intention to create its own universe around cars from Barcelona. The Chispa by Marset for CUPRA lamp is just the first step in our alliance with Marset, with whom we are united by a passion for design, attention to detail and technological innovation. Our collaboration goes beyond a product, since their creations are part of the illumination of the CUPRA Garage and are exhibited in our dealership network as well as at fairs and motorshows. We will continue to expand our design collections in the coming months with new partners”, explained CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths, after meeting with the founders of Marset at CASA SEAT.

Furthermore, Marset co-CEO Javier Marset highlighted that “Marset and CUPRA are good allies. As brands we share essential values: we are bold and disruptive; our origins in Barcelona is part of our DNA; and through the world of design we both combine beauty and quality. For Marset this collaboration unites efforts and is fruitful, as it opens new paths for the brand. As an object, the Chispa lamp is completely surprising in the environment of the automotive sector.”

The new Chispa by Marset for CUPRA will be available through Marset’s usual retail outlets. The lamp will also be displayed in the distribution network of CUPRA Specialists that the brand has around the world.

Chispa by Marset for CUPRA

This is how CUPRA chose Marset to create an exclusive edition of the new Chispa lamp, a symbolic object that links automotives with the world of design. Its shape is inspired by a garage lamp in a high quality, lightweight version with three lighting positions.

Designed by Joan Gaspar together with the CUPRA design team, the name of the lamp evokes creativity and innovation, the spark of light and ignition. Its sophisticated design radiates a warm glow and when lit, the light itself illuminates the lamp and the black tones adopt a copper hue.

The structure is protected by a grid that revolves around the light source, adding originality to the piece. In addition, Chispa has an accessory that allows it to be hung, and for outdoor use it has an IP44 protection rating that guarantees it is waterproof.

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