Learning how to code is like child’s play

The SEAT Apprentice School teaches all its students how to programme using innovative gamification techniques

Martorell, 04 January 2019

  • The School offers a natural system for the students to learn different programming languages, by resolving challenges via a gamification platform
  • Coinciding with the shift to Advanced Degree studies, the training centre takes another step to prepare professionals for the future of the automotive sector and Industry 4.0

According to SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros, “training in coding and programming is a major step forward for the Apprentice School and an opportunity for all the students. We predict a future where knowing how to programme will be equally necessary for industry professionals as being familiar with the components of an engine or knowing different languages. In this way, we are ahead of future trends and are improving these young people’s chances of entering the labour market.”

The Apprentice School, trail-blazer and benchmark in Dual Vocational Training

The SEAT Apprentice School is a benchmark in dual Vocational Training in Spain. Since its inauguration in 1957, the company’s training centre has prepared more than 2,700 professionals. All of the current students, a total of 169, have a full-time remunerated training contract, and once they have successfully completed their studies they will join SEAT with an open-ended work contract.

This year the School has adapted its syllabus in order to offer Advanced Degree studies using the Dual Vocational Training method which is inspired by the German model. The change from Intermediate to Advanced Degree includes more subjects focussed on Industry 4.0 and technology linked to digitalisation. The apprentices have 5,000 class hours, twice as many as the average number in other Dual Vocational schools, equally divided between classroom studies and practical work.

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