Conference at the Finance Circle

Luca de Meo: “The future of the automotive industry presents many challenges as well as many opportunities”

Barcelona,  09 April 2018

  • The President of SEAT reflects on the role of Spanish industry and the changes brought about by the fourth industrial revolution
  • De Meo: “The key word is cooperation. Every sector has to work together”

One example of how the company is investing in innovation can be found in the incorporation of Industry 4.0 to make Martorell “one of the country’s best smart factories”. Among other things, de Meo made it known that “we have automatically guided vehicles that transport parts, we use virtual reality glasses in maintenance so that the operator is literally within a virtual world, and for heavy lifting the workers use exoskeletons to make their job easier.”

The challenges of Industry 4.0

One of the several challenges brought about by implementing Industry 4.0 is the role of the workforce. According to Luca de Meo, “we must not misinterpret the loss of jobs with the disappearance of professionals: the nature of work can be reoriented and workers can be trained so they can develop their full potential and transform at the same pace as industry. Ten years from now, 50% of workers will be performing a new job, some of which have yet to be created.” Furthermore, another challenge of this new industrial model is sustainability. “Increasing environmental demands give rise to the definitive development of renewable energies. The next 25 years will be characterised by the need to reduce emissions by almost half and comply with legislation” de Meo pointed out.

Luca de Meo concluded his review by underscoring the role held by all stakeholders in this transformation. “The development of Industry 4.0 in Spain is going to offer many opportunities as well as many benefits to the sector, but it will require contributions from companies, workers and institutions alike” the President of SEAT pointed out. For this new industrial model to be successful, “a stable legislative and institutional framework is required that will enable companies to be fully informed of the conditions and game rules of the environment where we are going to operate.”

According to de Meo, the word that sums up the process that must be carried out is “cooperation”. In this sense he points out that “every sector has to work together to create an ecosystem, as the setbacks, challenges opportunities and goals are the same for everybody”.

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