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Audi A1 production starts at SEAT in Martorell

Martorell,  08 October 2018

  • The Audi A1 becomes the second premium car made in Spain after the Audi Q3
  • The new Audi A1 will enhance synergies and efficiencies with SEAT Ibiza and Arona

The new Audi A1, the second premium model made in Spain following the Audi Q3, will be made in two shifts on the revamped Line 3 using the MQB A0 platform. This is the platform where the  Ibiza debuted in 2017. The Audi A1 will contribute to maintaining the high volume output at the Martorell facility, which is the factory that produces the most vehicles in Spain.

Furthermore, the Audi A1 will enhance the synergies and efficiencies with the models that share its platform in Martorell, the Ibiza and the Arona. In addition to producing the new Audi A1, SEAT also participated in its development, which enabled the creation of high-skilled employment.

Martorell, a new model lineup

With the addition of the Audi A1, production at the Martorell factory has included three new models in the past 18 months, beginning with the fifth generation Ibiza in early 2017, which was joined a few months later by the new urban crossover SEAT Arona. These launches make it possible to anticipate a high production volume in upcoming years.

In 2018 alone, more than 500 workers were recruited with a permanent contract. The reinforcement of SEAT Group’s workforce responds to the increase of production and models at the Martorell factory and for strategic projects related with car connectivity and the company’s digitisation, as well as for the development and launch of Tarraco.

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