SEAT Service

SEAT Service is structured in five divisions, which work together towards the department’s main objective: customer satisfaction.

The Technical Service Division is in charge of vehicle repairs. It develops and distributes workshop manuals, ‘times to repair’, electronic diagnostic software and repair equipment to the worldwide SEAT network. The division’s highly specialised team also provides the worldwide network with technical support. The Technical Service Division uses experience gained from current models to eliminate potential problems in the new models. This information is directly transmitted to the Technical Centre so that it can be incorporated from the initial development phases. Finally, the division also coordinates investigations into incidents that may affect the safety of vehicles and vehicle occupants.

The Service Operations Division provides importer support through Service Area Managers, who ensure that the warranty is applied in all markets and develop initiatives to ensure that standards are met and that the brand’s official services continue to improve service quality.

The Service Organisation and Marketing Division sets out the key departmental organisational processes and creates master copies for advertising and seasonal campaigns, so that SEAT importers can adapt them to their respective markets, conveying a coherent Customer Services image at international level.

The Service Institute Division provides product, service and parts management training to SEAT Worldwide Assistance Network employees. The Institute also has a ‘Virtual Campus’ training platform which manages training and provides distance-learning courses to the worldwide network. Training is also provided for the SEAT Spain Network in the building, alongside six other training centres throughout the country.

The Customer Relations Division represents SEAT S.A. to final customers who raise issues or contact the brand directly (particularly senior management), defining operating policy in its area to be implemented by SEAT importers and ensuring customer service quality in all markets. Likewise, the division also manages the ‘SEAT Service Helpline’ service, a channel that enables importers to contact the central office, providing them with a quick response to any requests for help or information.

Key figures
Surface area: 8,124 m²
Workforce: 170 employees
Training courses: over 120 different courses available
Training days: more than 40,000 at world level

Fleet of vehicles managed: over 4,000