CUPRA Ateca 2020

Powertrain and chassis

Martorell, 27 July 2020

Every CUPRA will be judged on the engine that propels it, and the refreshed Ateca maintains its performance levels with the incredibly powerful 2.0 litre TSI engine. The 1,984cc direct-injection, turbocharged unit has a bore and stroke of 82.5mm and 92.8mm respectively and a compression ratio of 9.3:1, helping to produce 300PS (221kW) of power. Add to this a huge 400 Nm of torque available at a wide range of 2,000-5,200rpm and the CUPRA Ateca 2020 can reach a top speed of 247km/h.

Thanks to its low weight and high output engine, the SUV can reach 100km/h in just 4.9s.

That rapid acceleration figure is helped by the seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission. engineered to offer a sporty feel with faster, smoother and more precise changes. The new CUPRA Ateca 2020 also features a launch control function for even greater acceleration from a standing start.

The performance delivered by the engine is matched by the Brembo brakes and the unbelievable acoustics of the Akrapovič exhaust system, which provides an even more unique sound experience to the drive.

“With the CUPRA Ateca we made a clear statement in the high-performance SUV segment and with the new version we underline and strengthen its position,” said Dr. Werner Tietz, Executive Vice-President for Research and Development at SEAT. “The combination of a staggeringly adaptable powertrain, 4Drive all-wheel drive technology, quick shifting DSG and intuitive steering set the CUPRA Ateca apart from the competition.”

The 4Drive all-wheel drive system is the latest generation of the electro-hydraulic multi-disc traction system and allows the vehicle to deliver power to the wheels in a controlled manner. The system constantly monitors and analyses conditions helping maximise traction and performance, making the above acceleration time possible.

The system is located on the rear axle, it sits at the end of the drive shaft, just in front of the rear differential. This provides two benefits: the first is improved weight distribution; the second is a reduction in inertia and system reaction time since the cardan shaft is always connected to the engine.

The multi-disk wet clutch has some stand-out features. The metal friction rings are placed in pairs one in front of the other: one ring of each pair is permanently connected to the drive shaft that turns with the gearbox; The other ring turns with the drive shaft joined to the rear axle’s differential. A hydraulic actuation piston compresses the multi-disk packet to reach the required oil pressure, depending on the parameters indicated by the electronic system.

The inclusion of the 4Drive all-wheel drive technology means the new CUPRA Ateca can react to scenarios with even more assurance.

Perhaps the most important element to the CUPRA Ateca’s driveability is the relationship between the powertrain and chassis that gives it the distinctive dynamic performance expected by customers. And the high-performance SUV’s chassis and steering is tuned to offer the most precise, involved and distinctive ride possible.

The new CUPRA Ateca mixes MacPherson struts at the front with a multilink setup at the rear. Spring and dampers settings have been adjusted specifically to give the high-performance SUV the most involving ride while helping to isolate occupants from any abnormalities in the road surface.

The progressive steering system gives the vehicle maximum agility connecting the driver to the vehicle with optimised feedback through the steering wheel. The CUPRA Ateca reacts to changes in driving style and the road thanks to its Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) system.

The technology continuously reacts to the road surface and driving situation while also pulling data from different aspects of the vehicle including steering, braking and acceleration manoeuvres. Damping, for example, is calculated for each wheel and adjusted at the four shock absorbers within fractions of a second. The DCC system has been developed to provide the highest level of driving comfort and ideal driving dynamics, improving driver engagement, and allowing them to make the most of the driving conditions no matter what they are.

Six different driver profiles allow the SUV to be tuned to the specific nature of the journey or the person behind the steering wheel. Choose from Normal, Sport, CUPRA, Individual, Snow or off-road to change the vehicle’s character, from daily drive to performance-focused, giving the refreshed CUPRA Ateca a breadth of abilities that few other SUVs can offer.

The CUPRA Ateca’s dimensions also play their part in the vehicle’s ability, providing the basis for an assured drive. The high-performance SUV is 4,386mm (+10mm compared to the previous generation, due to the new bumpers design) long - with a wheelbase of 2,630mm, is 1,599mm tall (-2mm) and 1,841mm wide. Front and rear track is 1,575mm and 1,549mm respectively.

While the chassis provides huge assurance, the option of Brembo brakes means that dynamics are as intuitive when entering a corner as when exiting, and stopping performance is as good as acceleration.

The perforated and ventilated 340mm discs (370mm in the case of Brembo brakes) are matched to four piston copper calipers, giving the assurance that every performance vehicle requires, and are matched with 310mm discs at the rear.