CUPRA Ateca 2020

Interior Design

Martorell, 27 July 2020

As you reach to open the door the CUPRA welcome light projects down on the floor to set the tone for what to expect, reinforced by the illuminated door step with CUPRA lettering.

Once inside, among the first things that customers will notice it the increased design quality and the way the cabin communicates the character of the car, incorporating a sophisticated, sporty design but one that includes a feeling of comfort.

As the driver nestles into the now standard bucket seat, takes hold of the new CUPRA steering wheel, which houses the engine start and CUPRA mode select button, rests their feet on the aluminium pedals and sees the Digital Cockpit, it becomes instantly clear that the new CUPRA Ateca is even more focused on the art of driving, and that this isn’t the typical SUV.

The CUPRA steering wheel, a nod to the TCR Racing bloodline, will make drivers feel more connected to the vehicle, with its tactile, solid feel. Larger shift paddles make changing gear simpler and more natural, and the multifunction buttons add to the hi-tech feel.

The CUPRA button gives access to the different drive modes: a short press scrolls through Normal, Sport, CUPRA and individual, while long press takes you directly to CUPRA mode.

Throughout the interior copper and dark aluminium details bring a subtle sense of performance; highlights include the air outlets, radio and Climazone all benefitting from dark aluminium brilliant frames and the four illuminated type C USB ports – two in the front and two in the rear.

The interior ambience is further defined by the seating option customers chose. Two ambients are available; the first is the standard one, which includes Dinamica bucket seats with PVC lateral supports, dashboard and central console moulding in dark aluminium, PVC door panels with IMD technology (In Mould Decoration) and with copper stitching.

There is also a Genuine CUPRA option which includes leather bucket seats in Petrol Blue, which can be electrically adjusted with memory functions (for the driver’s seat), matching with leather door panels.

Interior dimensions provide the feeling of roominess, and practicality is reinforced by the 485-litre boot capacity.